Veteran Cavaliers Member Starts A New Cricket Club In Saskatoon

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Veteran Cavaliers Member Starts A New Cricket Club In Saskatoon

For more than 23 years, Farhan Farrukh has been a loyal, active and very influential member of the Cavaliers Sports & Social Club in Regina. Long before the club was even called Cavaliers SSC, he had been playing and promoting cricket in Regina. A couple of years ago, he moved to Saskatoon for work. Not being able to get his cricket fix without driving 2.5 hours to Regina, Farhan decided to start his own club in Saskatoon.

Say hello to Catalyst Sports & Social Club, Saskatoon's newest (and maybe most ambitious) cricket club.

Ever since late last year when Farhan announced to our board of directors that he wanted to start a new cricket club in Saskatoon, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only did the Cavaliers board of directors agree to offer support & guidance, many unafilliated cricket players in Saskatoon have also jumped at the opportunity to play with Catalyst.

Farhan Farrukh (4th from the left) 2012 in Saskatoon, with fellow Cavaliers.

Farhan initially thought he would just 'test the water' this year in Saskatoon. He had hoped to find even a handful of guys willing to practice together, to play informal matches... you know... baby steps. He did not expect (after spreading the word on social media), that in less than two weeks more than 70 guys would sign up , looking for more information.

One of the new mebers even secured a pretty decent sponsorship from KalTire in Saskatoon, to help cover some of Catalyst's start-up costs. We'd say that's a pretty good sign for a brand new club!

Out of the guys who initially showed interest, about half ended up not registering for numerous reasons. Some didn't realize there are costs involved to play, others were just too young, and a few were still living in India (playing for the under 19 national team, wink, wink).

After the dust settled, Farhan managed to secure 35 committed and very excited cricket players in Saskatoon. All of which have registered and can't wait to start playing!

Catalyst's board of directors are now tasked with dealing with a problem the club is facing right off the bat: too many players have registered for one team (T20 & ODP). And that's a good problem to have! Simple solution: Get 5 more committed players, willing to pay the club dues, and register two teams this year in Saskatoon!

By the way, Catalyst's dues are very reasonable considering each member gets a brand new uniform and access to quailty cricket equipment. Like the Cavaliers, Catalyst also plans on putting some money away for "big picture" plans.

Why not, strike while the iron's hot?

Cricket is growing extremely fast in Saskatchewan. There is nobody better than Farhan Farrukh to start a thriving new cricket club for the many unafilliated cricket players in Saskatoon, currently sitting on the sidelines and wanting to get in on the action.  He has witnessed and participated in the growth of Cricket in Regina since the days when there was only one club, or more accurately: a bunch of good dudes who like to play cricket & socialize (you know who you are). He knows how to run a club. What's more, he's a very level-headed and likeable guy, who is obsessed with moving cricket forward.

Off the field, Cavaliers & Catalyst will always maintain close bonds, share resources and expertise. On the field, is a whole different story! We look forward to some fresh meat.

All jokes aside, let's all welcome Catalyst Sports & Social Club, in Saskatoon.

Thanks to Farhan for showing everyone that there is a huge need for new clubs in the province, Saskatoon in particular.

If you want to learn more about Catalyst Sports & Social Club, don't hesitate to contact Farhan and the boys by email. Who knows, you might be one of the five players they need to register a second team this year!