Cavaliers Code of Conduct

Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will enhance the reputation of the Cavaliers Sports and Social Club and of Cricket in general, both on and off the field.

The Club expects members to aid in the organization of and to participate in Club events and functions.

Annual fees must be paid on or before the first game of the year, for current members or upon acceptance of membership, for new members. Payment of fees will be a criterion in the team selection process. NO PAY, NO PLAY

The Selection Committee will carry out team selections. Players must indicate their availability to the selection committee or to a team captain prior to the selection meeting.

Players should arrive at the ground at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of a match and be dressed to commence play on time. Appropriate kit should be worn during games.

ALL players are required to prepare the field prior to and at the conclusion of a game (ie. placing of mat/stumps, boundary markers, scoreboards and numbers, crease markings, etc.)

Players must make sure that the team equipment is properly used and stored.

All players are expected to bring food/drink for themselves.

All selected players must assume that a game is ON unless otherwise informed.

Players must at all times, accept without dissent, the decision of the umpires.

Disciplinary issues will be resolved by the Cavaliers Executive Team and its appointees.

Attendance at practices is encouraged and may have a bearing on team selection.

Players must always encourage ALL team members during the game regardless of the result of the game

Players should not give instructions to teammates during the game or at half time interval. This is the responsibility of the Captain/Vice Captain.

Members must respect the rights of the Cavaliers leadership to make decisions regarding training methods, team selections substitutions and game tactics unless they contradict the spirit of the code.

ALL Cavaliers members MUST be courteous and polite at all times towards opponents, coaches, managers, umpires and officials.

Members should feel free to approach the Cavaliers leadership to discuss any aspect of their cricket development or general concerns.