Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Annual player dues (registration fees) are based on the format(s) you choose to play. If you want to only play T20, your dues will be $225 for the season. Similarly if you only want to play ODP with our club, your dues will be $225 as well. If you want to play both formats your dues will be $275.

Do I have to pay when I register?

No, you don't have to pay right when you fill out our registration form. You can pay your registration fee later. But, remember: You can't play in league games if you have not paid. Preference will be given to paid members at practice sessions. When you pay later, you risk losing your spot on...
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How do I pay my Registration fee?

The best way to pay your registration fee is through our online payment form. Alternatively you may pay to Richard or Prakhar in person next time you're at practice. You can also send an email transfer to [email protected] (set the password to "cavs").

I have not played cricket in a few years, can I sign up?

Our club welcomes anyone with experience playing cricket, regardless of your skill level or the last time you played. We believe playing cricket is like riding a bicycle, once you know how to do it, you never forget. So if you grew up playing cricket for fun or you opened for India's under 19...
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I'm new to Regina, can I join the club?

Welcome to Regina! If you're looking for a cricket club to join, please register today. The sooner you register with our club the better. Even if you arrive in the middle of the season, you can still register to join our club.

I plan to move to Regina in the near future, can I register?

If you plan to move to Regina you are welcome to register today, or as soon as you arrive. We welcome members from around the world. Please note, if you would like to move to Canada or Regina, however you need help getting here (Visa, job offer etc.), we unfortunately can't help you....
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I'm registered with another club in Regina, can I register with Cavaliers?

Some clubs in Regina only play T20. If you are currently registered with such a club, you may register with Cavaliers to play ODP only. If you are unhappy with your cricket club, and you're looking for another club contact us to discuss the formal process to change clubs.

I don't have cricket equipment, can I still join the Cavaliers?

Don't fret. We provide quality cricket equipment to our teams. Most of our members will eventually buy their own cricket gear, however it is not required. Our team kits are fully stocked with bats, gloves, pads and helmets. You just need to rbing your own abdominal guard. If you...
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Are the other Sports & Social Clubs in the league related to Cavaliers?

No. Cavaliers Sports & Social club is the oldest and largest cricket club in the Saskatchewan leagues. We are not related or affiliated with any of the other "Sports & Social Clubs" in the province. We continually set the bar for other cricket clubs, and as such some clubs have...
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I used to open for my club. Can I open if I join the Cavaliers?

We will try our best to let you bat where you are comfortable. The same goes for bowling. If you used to bowl for you last team, we'll definately give you opportunities to show us what you can do. Unlike other clubs we can't promise you that you will play every game and bat/bowl as you have in the...
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Is it true that I get fined $5 if I drop a catch?

We have always threatened to fine players $5 per dropped catch in a league game. As of 2017 the rule will be enfoced and the money raised will be donated to a local charity.