Rangers ODP beat Cavaliers ICE by 5 wickets

2018 Regina ODP > 2018 Regina ODP
Grassick Park

On August 19, 2018 Rangers ODP defeated Cavaliers ICE by 5 wickets in a 2018 Regina ODP cricket match at Grassick Park.

Cavaliers SSC, Cavaliers ICE won the toss and elected to Bat

First Innings

Cavaliers ICE scored 108/10 in 32.3 overs.

N Syed51145.45
R Patel253964.1
V S Chauhan*1425
V Shah173056.67
TJ Singh020
R A Shah†31421.43
S Gopani82433.33
M M Rahman6966.67
C Parmar174240.48
R Singh31618.75
A S Saini050
A Khan10.02132.10
S H8.02813.50
H Atif7.33825.07
D AI7.01942.71


Second Innings

Rangers ODP scored 109/5 in 30.1 overs.

S Fawad437061.43
M Abbas†060
A Zahid145028
I Khan2016125
A Khan132259.09
A K61442.86
S H1425
V S Chauhan*10.02412.40
S Gopani3.0411.33
M M Rahman5.14117.94
R Singh3.0903.00
C Parmar2.01115.50
N Syed7.01912.71

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