Strykers ODP beat Rangers ODP by 3 wickets

2018 Regina ODP > 2018 Regina ODP

On August 25, 2018 Rangers ODP defeated Strykers ODP by 3 wickets in a 2018 Regina ODP cricket match at 1.

Strykers CC, Strykers ODP won the toss and elected to Bat

First Innings

Strykers ODP scored 226/9 in 50.0 overs.

A Hussain93129.03
M A Jamshaid†102147.62
M Raza133141.94
A Sidhu447161.97
S Hasan304075
A Ashraf516282.26
R Butt3560
K Hussan1333.33
K Rana3650
G Luna182475
R Imran1311118.18
A Khan10.03923.90
U Gul10.03113.10
H Atif10.05225.20
S H10.05235.20
D AI2.01206.00
I Khan6.01302.17
A Shah2.020010.00


Second Innings

Rangers ODP scored 194/7 in 42.0 overs.

S Fawad†293096.67
H Atif31915.79
A Zahid213265.63
A K497070
A Khan4757.14
S H486870.59
A Shah121770.59
I Khan21020
D AI010
R Imran9.05916.56
S Hasan3.0903.00
K Hussan8.03824.75
K Rana5.02715.40
M Raza2.01316.50
R Butt10.03513.50
A Sidhu5.01312.60

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